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Our mission at VICTORY DANCE FOODS is to make healthy and delicious breakfast and snack foods.  Handmade from scratch, using artisan methods, our small scale allows us to pay close attention to detail to create the most delicious and innovative products.  Win the day with VICTORY DANCE FOODS!

Making every delicious batch gluten free is our highest priority.   We carefully source all of our ingredients to ensure they are gluten free. We are proud to source our organic certified gluten free oats from a fellow celiac-owned company, Gluten Free Harvest in Wyoming (to learn why they are the best source for pure gluten free oats click here).  Our dried fruits and fresh raw beetroot, pineapple, ginger root, lemons and apples are naturally gluten free. We also test our ingredients, our facility and our final products to insure that are products always test less than 10 ppm. Our founder, Maddie, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007, so this promise is something we take very seriously.  In March 2017 we moved to a 100% dedicated gluten free facility located in the near west side of Chicago.  We look forward to gaining Gluten Free Certification in the future.