Cherry Almond Granuesli, 2oz

2 oz cherry almond hemp granuesli 10052017.png
2 oz cherry almond hemp granuesli 10052017.png

Cherry Almond Granuesli, 2oz


Granuesli—We call it Granuesli because we took our Gluten Free Muesli grains, seeds and nuts and powered them up for the busy days we all have! It’s great as an athlete fuel, (it powered my first ultra-distance triathlon). The extra energy comes from a healthy dose of fresh bananas, fresh pressed apple juice and honey. It is great for breakfast or for snacking on all day! And as always “No Nasties”

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Cherry Almond Hemp Granuesli

+    Organic Gluten Free Certified Oats
+    Wisconsin Honey
+   Michigan Tart Cherries* (apple juice, sunflower oil)
+    Organic Apple Juice
+    Organic Bananas
+    Organic Buckwheat
+    Whole Almonds
+    Organic Puffed Quinoa
+    Organic Hemp Seeds
+    Organic Pumpkin Seeds
+    Organic Chia Seeds
+    Organic Coconut
+    Organic Puffed Amaranth
+    Organic Sunflower Seeds
+    Pure Vanilla Extract
+    Sea Salt
+    Spices

Contains: Almonds, Coconut
*Unsulphured dried fruit
Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Soy Free.
Made in a dedicated Gluten Free Bakery.
No refined sugars. No artificial colors flavors or preservatives aka #NoNasties

Having a Party?
If you are interested in purchasing our mini 2 oz bags as a party favor for a shower, wedding, etc or any upcoming event. We would love to be a part of it and can offer a special event discount. Please reach out to us at to start the conversation and put Party in the Subject line!