Where can I buy it?
1. Check out our stockists page here for our list of retail partners to see if there is a store in your area.
2. If we are NOT stocked in your local store talk to the store or grocery manager about how great we are (this really helps! ) and/or email us hello@victorydancefoods.com and we will reach out to them about carrying our products!
3. You can now purchase our products in our online store.

Are your products Gluten Free?
YES! Everything we make is gluten free AND made in our 100% dedicated gluten free bakery.  Ensuring that are products are entirely gluten free and safe for those with Celiac Disease is one of the reasons we started this company. Maddie one of our founders has Celiac Disease so it's absolutely of paramount importance to us. Update On February 7, 2019 we completed our Gluten Free Certification and all of our products are now Certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.


Are your products Non-GMO?
Yes. We are not a fan of GMOS and we source only NON-GMO ingredients. As a small company we have not yet pursued obtaining NON-GMO Project Verification because of financial reasons, but we hope to be able to obtain that to offer our customers further assurance in the near future.

Are your products Organic?
The large majority of ingredients we use are organic and we strive  and take pride in quality of our ingredients and use organic ingredients whenever financially feasible. You can check out our ingredient list on our product gallery page to see which of our ingredients are organic and we think you will be very pleasantly surprised (HINT! It's almost all of them).  Because we are a small company we have not yet pursued obtaining organic certification but we hope to in the future.

Where are your products made?
Our entire range of products is made by us in our own dedicated gluten free commercial kitchen in Chicago.  Our kitchen is located inside of Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago, just a stone's throw from the United Center! (Go Blackhawks! Go Bulls!)

How long do your products last?
If kept in a dry airtight container (ie. in the bag with the zipper seal closed or in the bottle with top screwed closed) our Garden Granola stays its most delicious for 9 months and  9 months for our Mueslis and Granueslis.


We hope you found what you were looking for, but if you still have questions, email us! hello@victorydancefoods.com We'd love to hear from you!UP