LOVE UP! If Valentine’s Day were only an excuse to send love notes we’d be so down but Valentine’s Day, and Love Dose, is the moment to celebrate all the Love we and other small businesses pour into our brands … an incalculable amount of Love! 

A love letter to (and swinging party for) all the rockin' small businesses in and around Chicagoland (and all the fabulous people who shop with a conscience), Dose Market's Love Dose is ground zero for the good stuff.

Please join us to shop the best from us and another 100 small yet mighty businesses selling all the good stuff across all kinds of categories, make valentines, play Dose Hearts (single and ready to mingle? get in here), Crush, hop in the photobooth, plan your nuptials (Trousseau!), drink free drinks, eat cake and spread the Love in immeasurable ways.

Happening Sunday, February 12th, 10 to 4, at Morgan MFG, join us for the 6th annual Love Dose: 25% of your ticket purchase goes directly to Pilot Light, a Chicago nonprofit that teaches kids how to nourish their bodies and share information about healthy eating. 

Get ready to eat, shop, laugh, lounge + Love!
Come hungry and leave happy <3 ... see you there!

the 411 on the Love Dose

who you, your boo, crew + 100 of the best small businesses
what a marketplace filled with the good stuff, everything made with love
when Sunday, February 12th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
where Morgan MFG at 401 N. Morgan in Chicago, IL
why because Love Dose hits the spot everyone needs a scratch

More details and tix at  dosemarket.com/love2017